Lil Wayne Laughs At Ex-Wife Toya’s “Bed Rock Remix”

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Rasheeda’s sorority-styled “Bed Rock Remix” featuring Kandi, Diamond, Lola Monroe and Antonia “Toya” Johnson caught many people off guard after its late April release. For one, it was an unlikely adaptation, but more so, the song debuted Lil Wayne’s famed-ex-wife-turned-reality-star, Toya rhyming a decent 16. Expect more where that came from. “I’mma try it and […]

Lil Wayne Caught With Unauthorized Electronics In His Jail Cell

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Below is a news story stating that a prisnor has informed the Rikers Island guards that Lil Wayne was hiding unauthorized electronics in his jail cell. The items in question were an MP3 Player and headphones, and Weezy was reportedly hiding them in a garbage can by his cell. Jailed rapper Lil Wayne has to face the […]

Lil Wayne sued by Lollipop producer for $500k

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The producer of Lil Wayne‘s 2008 hit ‘Lollipop‘ has sued the incarcerated rapper for allegedly unpaid royalties. Jim Jonsin, who is credited as a co-writer on the track, says he’s not receive any money for his work on the hit. According to the New York Post he’s suing Weezy $500,000. If it goes to court anytime […]

Lil Wayne Blogging From Behind Bars

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Lil Wayne may be in prison, but we hope his maximum-security digs come with antivirus software. The rapper, who checked into Rikers Island on March 8, has launched a weekly blog for his fans, complete with a countdown clock. Not only does Weezy thank you, but “During my prison stint, I want my fans […]

Lil Wayne’s First Letter From Prsion

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BELOW IS LIL WAYNES FIRST LETTER FROM PRISON: During my prison stint, I want my fans to know I love you. I want all of you to know that I appreciate all the mail I get, and this is my way of saying thank you. The F is for Family, Friends, and Fans. Love. Live. […]