T.I. To Rep For Lil Wayne While He’s In Jail

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“Well, his daughter and my daughter, they’re real, real close,” Tip explained. “My daughter spends the night with them, his daughter comes to spend the night with us. I told him, ‘Whatever I can do. Whatever it is that’s within my power’ … I know how it is with kids, especially with a period of time like that.

“Even though it may seem like a short time — to the media, it may seem like ‘He got off easy’; to everybody, it may seem like ‘It’s only a couple of months’ — to a child, that’s an eternity,” he continued. “So I’m like, ‘Whatever I can do, it’s all good.’ I just let him know there’s people out here who’s still reppin’ for him, people who will go above and beyond to do whatever needs to be done.” – MTV


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  1. Zyah says:

    Walking in the prnescee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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