All past Lil Wayne mixtapes and bootlegs added, new mixtapes added as they drop!

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After the website been live for around a month we have now added all the official Lil Wayne mixtapes aswell as hundreds of bootleg tapes. The official mixtapes include the Sqad Up mixtape series, Da Drought series, The Deciation mixtape series, The Prefix, The Suffix, and Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape, No Ceilings.

Un-official tapes from the years of 2005, 2006 and 2007 were all added a few weeks ago with free download links, and we have now added all the un-official tapes from 2008, 2009 and 2010 to download for free from this site.

New mixtapes will now be added as soon as we know they have dropped, whether they are un-official or official. Download links are always hosted by RapCentral, as they guarantee that links stay active for you for longer. If you need help downloading from the forum please see the help page on our site, its really simple!

We have tried to upload all of the unofficial tapes, but as you can probably guess, there are alot to find and upload so please let us know if any good quality tapes are missing from our list.

Click here to find all the Free Lil Wayne Mixtapes we have


One Response to “All past Lil Wayne mixtapes and bootlegs added, new mixtapes added as they drop!”
  1. Tishawn says:

    Yo even though wayne in jail he still my nigga till the day I D.I.E!!!!!!!!

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