Lil Wayne & The Sqad – SQ7 (2002 mixtape)

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Title: Lil Wayne & The Sqad – SQ7

Artists: Lil’ Wayne

Released: 2002
Label: Sqad Up Entertainment
Audio: MP3
Quality: 192kbps (CD)
Total Size: 34.19mb (zip)
Rating: 4 outta 5

In 1999, the group Sqad Up was formed and consisted of New Orleans natives Lil Wayne, Nutt Da Kid, Young Yo, Gudda, T-Streets and Supa Blanco. Wayne and the rest of the group split ways though, and while Wayne stayed on Cash Money, the 4 remaining members started their own imprint, Money Young’n Records (with Jay Exclusive) to carry on the Sqad name. Before the split though, the group recorded 7 underground mixtapes together that were never officially released….until NOW!

This is the last of those mixtapes and it contains a massive 26 exclusive freestyles from Wayne. It is a definite collector’s items for all fans of the Sqad & Lil Wayne as the material featured on here can be found nowhere else, this CD brings you the early Weezy F. shit…..When say cop now and cop heavy, we mean it, and we gve this tape 4 outta 5 so cop now! Get your soundtrack for the summer for free from by downloading the tape below as a free legal download.

Track Listing:
1. Freestyle (lets get dirty)
2. Freestyle (i just wanna love u)
3. Freestyle (southern hospitality)
4. Freestyle (yous a ho)
5. Freestyle (danger)
6. Freestyle (best of me)
7. Freestyle (superwoman)
8. Freestyle
9. Freestyle (fiesta)
10. Freestyle (one more chance)
11. Freestyle (oochie wally)
12. Freestyle (ante up)
13. Freestyle
14. Freestyle
15. Freestyle (hnic)
16. Freestyle
17. Freestyle (lay low)
18. Freestyle
19. Freestyle (xplosive)
20. Freestyle
21. Freestyle (bonnie and shyne)
22. Freestyle
23. Freestyle (get ya freak on)
24. Freestyle (so fresh so clean)
25. Freestyle
26. Freestyle

Lil Wayne & The Sqad - SQ7 mixtape

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